Holy Cross Vocational Training Institute
Hazaribag - 825301 Jharkhand
Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi








General Rules of the Institution

School Uniform

Guideline To Students

  • Student are required to maintain the code of conduct strictly when inside and outside the INSTITUTE campus.
  • Every staff member is authorized to enforce discipline

At the time of admission the students will be given a copy of the rules and regulation of the institute, and he/she should sign the agreement with a written guarantee of the parent and submit it to the office. It is recommended that the students from outside have a responsible local guardian.


Regular attendance and hard work is must to fulfill the requirement of the course. The institute demands 100% of attendance. A minimum of 80%of attendance is required, to appear in the Annual and Board examinations, in case of sickness or any other serious reason. Only those students who make sufficient progress in the 1st year will be promoted to the 2nd year. Simple and modest dress should be used in the Institute. Neither gold ornaments nor cheap fashion is encouraged. During the class hours no students is allowed to go out of the campus without the permission of the principal. Mobiles Phones and Cameras are not allowed in the campus. Rs 2000/- will be charged as fine if mobiles and cameras are found. Smoking, use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc is strictly prohibited if so found they will be suspended. Ragging and indiscipline behavior will not be tolerated. Any indiscipline will call for disciplinary action including dismissal from the institute. Decent and cultured behavior is expected from every student.